Laurence Dune
Production - Diffusion - Communication

Listening today to get a feel for the future

My mission is to build the works of the artists I represent for future dissemination to as wide an audience as possible.  Making new discoveries is my passion, my job.
For the last ten years I have been working in media production and dissemination. After a musical education and a period spent teaching in music schools, I embarked on a course in Musicology and cultural enterprise management at the Sorbonne. Then, having been involved with managing ensembles, I decided to work with the more singular aspects of the projects of artists and companies. This is the path I took into the arts and towards specialisation.
At the point of intersection between the genres and disciplines, I work in the area of live performance, at the crossroads between sound image and movement, music and theatre, word and sound, following a project from inception to its successful conclusion.
To do this, I need to listen, to know how to question and guide the artist, so that together we can find the seed that will further the gestation of the work and then the right production tools to see it blossom.
By disseminating a work you are giving the artist the means to keep his/her project alive beyond the point of creation, by giving it a more permanent platform. You are also opening up new and improved channels of support for the artist’s activity and helping to forge links with other production and distribution structures. You are sowing the seeds of projects which are in their very early stages.
I choose to immerse myself in the creation process as it happens, to ensure, indeed demand, the highest artistic quality.
In my view, production goes hand in hand and forms an indissociable whole with the diffusion and communication strategy in that it makes a meaningful contribution to the visibility of the project and, consequently, of the artist.
My work demands that I have my own “toolbox” with an up-to-date address book of the right contacts and suitable production and exhibition venues. I must also be aware of all available sources of funding and be able to point the artist in the direction of intermediary organisations such as the ONDA (French Office for Contemporary Performing Arts Circulation) , CDMC (French Centre for Documentation of Contemporary Music) and IETM (International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts) , which offer vital resources. 

I also take great care to ensure I am in permanent dialogue with the programmers to discuss their approach, involve myself in their interrogations and share their concerns and doubts, at the same time respecting their schedules and pace of work. I am constantly adding new places and networks, specifically international ones, to my address book.
In other words, in an increasingly difficult political, economic, cultural and social climate, I position myself between the author/project carrier and their potential partners, acting on behalf of both parties to bring them together and facilitate their dialogue. I bring to the project a wide repertoire of innovative and creative ways to promote a composer, author, director, actor or musician and help bring the project to fruition.
Although quite a challenge in the current climate, I see my role as facilitator as an essential and enjoyable part of my job, a passion and a source of great job satisfaction.
Finally, I never lose sight of the environment of a project, the position it adopts and the links it forges in the social, cultural and educational landscape. 
"Listening is an intimate gesture which engages a person in a relationship with his/her surroundings. A moment spent listening together is also a social gesture which has a very special place in the life of a community. " Jean-Léon Pallandre from the company Ouïe-dire 

I work in the creative industries first and foremost because I want to stay in the public domain, to experience and share the pleasure of discovering live performance in its infancy and to continue to seek out ways to offer innovative, highly effective listening tools so that more people can share the experience.
Laurence Dune
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